Jochua Tree NP、ジョシュアツリー国立公園

  • 2018年7月4日
  • 2018年7月4日
  • 旅行


パームスプリングスから30〜40分、ロサンゼルス大地から2〜3時間でJochua Tree NP、ジョシュアツリー国立公園へ。






I thought I had come to Mars suddenly!

Joshua Tree National Park is 30 – 40 minutes ‘drive from Palm Springs, or 2 – 3 hours’ drive from Los Angeles.

The two deserts hit here topographically. Unique landscapes and ecology such as desolate earth, strange rock formations, and a group of Joshua trees evolved while adapting to hot and dry land. It is a vast land 1.5 times as big as Tokyo. We can drive around just a part of it. On the other hand, you can walk anywhere, so countless trails. But it’s too hot and you can not go anywhere during the day.

There are no hotels, but about 500 camp sites are very popular except summer.
Summer is not popular because it rises to nearly 40℃ during the day. Therefore, we can choose a favorite site.
However, there is no water supply except the campground near the entrance.

Camping in this primitive place is so comfortable during evening through morning , as it’s about 25°C and dry.

The fin of Angus cow grilled by my husband is my favorite medium rare and it is much more delicious than the famous steak houses!

We fell asleep watching the moon and stars.
This is the ultimate luxury!